They are propably the most popular glass jar ever. INamed after John Landis Mason, who invented the jars and patented them in 1858. It started out as a glass jar used in home canning and to preserve food.

Ball mason jars come in different sizes, with two sizes of the mouth opening. They have a screw thread, on which a metal ring with lid is screwed. Inside the metal ring, which is called a band, you will find a rubber ring.

Througout the years, the Mason Jars have often been imitated, we sell the originals ! Use them for preserve food or as smoothie jar, bake in them, make frozen desserts in a jar, or try out one of the many DIY-projects for home, garden and as gifts. 

At Partyzz! the Ball Mason jars are sold seperately, as well as the basic lids and colored fancy lids. Get inspired by all great ideas for the "Ball Mason", by checking out our Pinterest pages.




  • Mason jar 16oz regular mouth
    Mason jar 16oz regular mouth

    These jars aren't just trendy, they are also fancy at any party.

    Use for serving hot or cold drinks, or as a gift. Perfect for many DIY projects.

    Of course to use for pickling / preserving of fruit and vegetables but also fun to…

    € 3,50
  • Mason jar 8oz regular mouth
    Mason jar 8oz regular mouth

    The only real Ball Mason Jar, this version is the best known of all. Convenient to the ( temporary) storage of tropical fruit , chutney or pizza sauce . Of course to use for pickling / preserving of fruit and vegetables but also…

    € 2,75
  • Mason jar 24oz wide mouth
    Mason jar 24oz wide mouth

    Pint and a Half wide mouth jar is ideal for example a salad to go or a stock jar . Or for the take away smoothie !

    The cover consists of two parts, a " Band" and a "lid" the jar is made of glass and the cap of metal. Content :…

    € 4,50
  • -23%

    Mason jar drinking jar
    Mason jar drinking jar

    The real Mason jar drinking jar. A tough cup useable with the Regular mouth lid's .

    The plain drinking jars are ideal for parties . By example for presenting your tastiest cocktail or how about the jar as a tea glass . Also nice…

    € 3,25 € 2,50

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