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  • Foil heart White 18"
    Foil heart White 18"

    Suitable for helium and air inflation. Delivered flat.

    18", approx. 45cm.

    Need helium filling?We provide that service. Surpise someone with our balloon-in-the-box service. Choose this option in menu. We fill and deliver balloons…

    € 3,95
  • Foil balloon heart pearl ivory (18in)
    Foil balloon heart pearl ivory (18in)

    Suitable for helium inflation only.

    Delivered flat.

    18", approx. 20 cm.

    Need helium filling?We provide that service. Surpise someone with our balloon-in-the-box service.
    We fill and deliver balloons if you like.Or if you like a…

    € 3,95
  • Confetti balloons hollographic
    Confetti balloons hollographic

    A set of beautiful transparant balloons pre-filled with confetti in iridesent, holographic foil.

    Confetti will shimmer if light shines on it.

    Balloons are suitable for helium inflation. Size after inflation max 30cm.

    € 3,95
  • Confetti balloons rose gold (6pcs)
    Confetti balloons rose gold (6pcs)

    Add a sprinkle of sparkle to your next party with these stunning confetti filled Balloons! Wow your friends and family with the trendy balloons, perfect for any special occasion.

    Clear balloons are filled with stunning rose gold…

    € 3,95
  • Balloons metallic gold (8pcs)
    Balloons metallic gold (8pcs)

    Suitable for air or helium inflation.

    Like your balloon filled with helium ? Partyzz! provides that service as well. Mail for an appointment :

    € 2,75
  • Clear orbz with confetti print (ea)
    Clear orbz with confetti print (ea)

    A beautiful clear balloon, orbz style. Round as a beach ball. This balloon has printed dots like gold confetti.

    Suitable for air and helium inflation.

    Size : 18"/ 45cm

    € 4,95
  • Pick up only

    Helium filled confetti balloons (ea)
    Helium filled confetti balloons (ea)


    Choose latex balloons from a variety of colors in the drop down menu on this page. Mix and match as you wish and we will arrange for your deco.

    Need a whole bunch ? No problem, just let you know…

    € 2,50
  • Glue dots for balloons (100pcs)
    Glue dots for balloons (100pcs)

    These glue dots are perfect for your balloon decorations. Easy to use when making balloon garlands. Simply hold the dots to the balloon, peel off from the strip and attach another balloon to the dot.

    Or, use these dots as a…

    € 2,99
  • Hanging foil strings sliver
    Hanging foil strings sliver

    Hanging tinsels made of foil fringes. In silver.

    For multiple use. Always an extra addtion to any festivity.

    € 4,50
  • No helium balloon stand
    No helium balloon stand

    No helium needed for your foil balloon if you use this stand.

    An inflatable stand for foil balloons of 18 inch. Simply inflate by using the straw in the package, attach the glue dots and stick your foil balloon to the…

    € 3,50
  • Balloons in pastel  mix (5st)
    Balloons in pastel mix (5st)

    Lovely mix of latex balloons in soft pastels.

    You'll receive a random mix of colors. These balloons are 28cm. Suitable for air and helium inflation.

    Each pack : 5 balloons

    € 2,85
  • Gold shredded confetti balloons (5pcs)
    Gold shredded confetti balloons (5pcs)

    These gold confetti-filled party balloons are a fab way to add a subtle pop of colour to your party decorations! Simply inflate then rub the sides of the balloon to get the confetti to stick.

    ∙ 12" latex balloons - supplied…

    € 3,99
  • Confetti balloons pink hearts (5pcs)
    Confetti balloons pink hearts (5pcs)

    ∙ 5 heart confetti latex balloons (supplied uninflated)
    ∙ Each measures 16 inches
    ∙ Suitable for helium or air inflation

    Fill up the balloons yourself by using the small funnel inside the package.

    Choose fun balloons to…

    € 3,50
  • Gold twine
    Gold twine

    Handy and stylish, for wrapping and crafts.

    Gold twine.

    € 2,50
  • Cake topper Love gold
    Cake topper Love gold

    Simply, yet stylish. This cake topper will add that special touch to any cake.

    For anniversary, wedding or engagement. Or for that self made cake for your sweetheart.

    € 3,95
  • XL balloon gold (1m)
    XL balloon gold (1m)

    This balloon will be the eye catcher in your balloon deco.

    With a width of 1 meter. Suitable for air and helium inflation.

    € 3,95
  • Pick up only

    Helium filled latex balloons
    Helium filled latex balloons


    Latex balloons filled with helium for that floating effect. This is the price for 1 colored balloon, filled with helium and treated with high float gel fo longer flotation time. Choose latex balloons from a…

    € 2,25
  • Balloon sticks with cup (ea)
    Balloon sticks with cup (ea)

    Plastic sticks with cup to easily attach a balloon on top. Great way to give away balloons during your party, without the worries of little ones losing their balloons.

    Sold each. ( set of 1 stick with cup on top)

    € 0,50
  • XL balloon transparant (ea)
    XL balloon transparant (ea)

    XL balloon with 1 meter width.

    Fill her up with confetti for an extra wow factor at your party.

    Suitable for airand helium filling.

    € 3,95
  • -9%

    DIY tassels gold foil (5pcs)
    DIY tassels gold foil (5pcs)

    DIY pack of tassels.

    Easy to assemble, with the help of included instructions.

    5 tassels per pack.

    € 3,25 € 2,95
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